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Marie-Theres Stickler

Musician, Music pedagogue

Marie-Theres Stickler

Schaufenster KULTUR.REGION

100 percent my instrument.

Born in 1988, Marie-Theres Stickler grew up in the snowy mountains of Lower Austria. She started teaching herself the diatonic button accordion from the age of 6.

In subsequent years, she has taken part in many harmonica events, meeting her first teachers in taverns. 2006-2013 she studied Folk-music Instruments, specializing in diatonic harmonica, at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. Shortly after beginning her studies, she joined the ensemble „Die Tanzgeiger in Vienna.“

For a few years, Marie has been fiddling with all sorts of folding devices: diatonic accordions – like the Styrian accordion – but also chromatic ones – like the Viennese strumaccordion – or even with a mix of both, such as the Chemnitzer Konzertina, ancestor of the bandoneon. As the result, she can play diatonic, chromatic, Styrian and Viennese styles, with an emphasis on style.

Aside from her role in „ALMA“, where both traditional and contemporary music blend in a unique way, Marie-Theres also plays lively traditional music with „Die Tanzgeiger“ and participates in numerous exciting projects that come her way and make life all the more interesting.